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Undecided on a yacht? - We recommend an Appraisal Survey

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An Appraisal Survey, commonly known as a walk through survey is recommended if you are unsure of what type of vessel you wish to buy, or if there are a number of your ‘chosen ‘ yachts on the market and you wish to narrow down which one is the best for you.

The Appraisal Survey is an economical way of basically evaluating a yacht, or number of yachts and will help the buyer decide if the yacht is suitable for them. BMS often carries out appraisal surveys when the buyer has never seen the yacht. In the past we have surveyed a vessel in Greece and sent the survey in video format to New Zealand. The survey format and procedure is flexible so it can be tailored directly to the buyers needs. If you have specific requirements contact us.

BMS carries out Appraisal Surveys on all types of vessels throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. All our surveyors are experienced, hold qualifications in marine surveying and are members of surveying organisations including; International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) or The Yacht Designers and surveyors association (YDSA). Our rates are competitive, fill in the online survey enquiry form for a quotation.

The Appraisal Survey will identify any very major problems with the Yacht and give a basic general overview of the condition. If the buyer decides that the yacht is suitable it is then recommended that before purchase a Full Condition Survey is carried out. The fee for the Appraisal Survey will be deducted from the price of the Full Condition Survey (minus expenses) if carried out on the same vessel.

Appraisal Surveys for yachts up to and around 12 metres or about 40 feet are normally completed within two or three hours. Even for a large yacht the Appraisal Survey would be finished within one day.

Before the purchase of a yacht a Full Condition Survey is always recommended.

To receive a quote for an Appraisal Survey, fill in the online survey enquiry form or contact us directly with your requirements.