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Insurance Survey

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When your Yacht gets to a certain age, or there is a change in ownership your Insurance Company could require that you have a Survey for Insurance.

BMSUK are recognised by all Insurance Companies, all our surveyors are experienced, hold qualifications in marine surveying and are members of surveying organisations including; International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) or The Yacht Designers and surveyors association (YDSA).

When an Insurance Company asks for a survey it is important that BMS are provided with the details, this enables us to limit the survey inspection to the exact requirements of the Insurance Company making the survey cost effective for the yacht owner e.g. is a out of water inspection required, does the rig require inspection from aloft. Fill in the online survey enquiry form for a quotation.

A report is provided explaining the findings of the Insurance Survey. Within the report problems found during the survey are listed and information given on their importance and recommendations for repair. If you wish we can send the report directly to your Insurers.

The majority or the Insurance Surveys that BMS carry out are known as out of water condition surveys, this type of survey is carried out with the yacht ashore (on hard standing). Other types of surveys that your Iinsurance Company could require are Damage Survey or Rig Survey. Contact us with your Insurance Company's specific requirements.

The Insurance Survey (condition survey) includes an inspection of the following:

  • Hull and superstructure
  • Steering gear & stern gear
  • Fastenings
  • Ground tackle and mooring arrangements
  • Windows, hatches and port lights
  • Handrails, stanchions and lifelines
  • Lifesaving & fire fighting equipment
  • Masts, spars and rigging
  • Gas installations
  • Bilge and general pumping installations
  • Machinery fuel systems and electrical installations

Once the survey has been completed we guarantee to provide the survey report within ten working days but it is often delivered much sooner. We will spend the time to answer any questions about the survey and are happy to give any yachting advice.

To receive a quote for a Insurance survey, fill in the online survey enquiry form or contact us directly with your requirements.